Zirconia dental implants

What is a zirconia implant?

Zirconia implants are a ceramic alternative to traditional titanium implants to restore your smile with a natural look. They keep the same benefits as titanium implants in means of durability and stability and present multiple advantages.



Zirconia implants are white in colour which means they are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth, specially for patients with thin gums, as with silver titanium implants they may end up with their gums appearing grey or titanium being visible along the tooth edge.

With zirconia implants no dark color of metal will show through the gums.


Although it’s rare, it’s possible to have a reaction to titanium while there are no documented cases of this happening with zirconia. Titanium dental implants are usually made of Titanium Alloy which is a combination of a few metals including small amounts of Aluminum, Vanadium and Nickle.

However, zirconia implants are completely metal-free what makes them to be the best material for people with a history of metal allergies.


Recent studies have shown titanium implants to leave small deposits of titanium traces in the surrounding tissues, as well as in the bloodstream. Although it is not clear that the presence of this particles could trigger biological complications, nowadays patients are becoming more and more concerned with materials coming into contact with their bodies and the impact that they can have on their overall health.


Both zirconia and titanium are materials that do not cause local inflammation and are not rejected by the body, but the absence of metal makes the zirconia implants more biocompatible, which means they will not affect or be detrimental to your immune system. Also, zirconia surface tends to accumulate less plaque around the implant and the healing of the gums and soft-tissues after the implant surgery is better.

Thinking about getting ceramic implants?

If you are considering dental implants the most important decision that you make is who will perform your implant treatment.

Dr. Brinkmann is an excellent oral surgeon who has been placing both titanium and zirconia implants for over 16 years with an extremely high success rate. Besides, Dr. Brinkmann participates in the master´s course in oral surgery at the Complutense University of Madrid and is speaker at congresses about zirconia implants.

Thinking about getting ceramic implants?

At Lobato&Brinkmann dental clinic we will asses you regarding the best material for your implants in each case. The winner between titanium and zirconia will be decided by you and your dentist and will depend on your situation.