Periodontics and periodontal microsurgery

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Periodontal or gum diseases such as  gingivitis   and periodontitis,are serious infections that can lead to serious oral health problems, such as tooth loss.

At the Lobato&Brinkmann dental clinic our team of doctors and hygienists undergoes extensive training to diagnose and treat these common pathologies. Dr. Maria Rioboo is also a member of the SEPA (Spanish Society of Periodontics and Osseointegration). This way, she can stay continuously informed on the most effective measures and latest trends in the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.


Gingivitis is the mildest form of periodontal disease. Gingivitis is the inflammation and infection that ruins the supporting tissues of the teeth. This could be gums, periodontal ligaments, and alveolus (alveolar bone).

Gingivitis is caused by the long-term effects of plaque deposits on the teeth. Plaque is a sticky material composed of bacteria, mucus and food residue that accumulates on the exposed parts of the teeth. The bacteria and the toxins they produce cause the gums to become infected, inflamed and become sensitive.


Periodontitis occurs when the inflammation or infection of the gums (gingivitis) occurs and is not treated. Infection and inflammation is then spread from the gums to the ligaments and bone that support the teeth. The loss of support causes the teeth to loosen and eventually fall off. Periodontitis is actually the main cause of tooth decay in adults. While this disorder is not common in young children, it increases during the teenage years.

Plaque and tartar accumulate at the base of the teeth. The inflammation produced by this accumulation causes “pouches” or gaps to form between the gum and the teeth. These bags fill with tartar and plaque. Inflammation of the soft tissue then traps the plaque in the pouch. Continuous inflammation leads to damage of the tissues and bone around the tooth. Because the plaque contains bacteria, infection is likely to occur and a tooth abscess may also occur. This also increases the rate of bone damage.

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