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Oral surgery without pain or damage to your mouth. Dental clinic in Madrid

Oral surgery


New technological advancements help us perform more precise and painless surgery…

Dr. Cortés-Bretón Brinkmann uses magnifying lenses to perform microsurgery and implants that help respect the tissues as much as possible, including the mucous membranes surrounding the tooth or implant. The main objective for our patients is to recover as soon as possible after surgery and reduce post-intervention pain.

Dr. Cortés-Bretón Brinkmann proves his professionalism and experience in dental surgery with  national and international conferences and various articles in journals in the field of oral surgery, periodontics and buccofacial prosthetics.

The most common oral surgery treatments performed at our clinic include: labial frenectomies, complicated tooth extractions, extractions of radicular remains, extractions of wisdom teeth stuck in the bone, gingivectomies, removal of maxillomandibular cysts, etc.


At the dental clinic Lobato&Brinkmann we use a piezoelectric scalpel to perform precision surgery.

The piezoelectric scalpel is an electro-medical device used in bone surgery (osteotomy, osteoplasty). It works based on ultrasonic microvibrations that perform a selective cut. With the piezoelectric scalpel we cut the bone, while keeping the soft tissues intact. This makes the recovery fast and the result optimal.

When is it appropriate to use the piezoelectric scalpel?

  • periodontal surgery
  • implant surgery
  • oral surgery
  • endodontic surgery

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