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Endodontics:eradicate pain from your mouth|L&B dental clinic in Madrid


Experts in mechanized endodontics…

Dr. Cortés-Bretón Brinkmann is specialized and trained in the treatment that allows us to eliminate pain and maintain the patient’s own teeth.


What is endodontics?

Endodontics serves to eliminate all or part of the pulp of the tooth, while leaving the pulp canal perfectly sealed.

The goal of pulp removal is to eliminate soft tissue composed of different blood vessels and nerves. This way, once the intervention has been concluded, the pain is prevented from reoccurring in the treated area. We can say that the pain has been eradicated while the tooth was kept intact.

What are the advantages of mechanical endodontics?

Dr. Cortes-Breton Brinkmann works with mechanized endodontics, which helps us achieve a shorter treatment time and greater the efficiency of disinfection and cleaning of the tooth’s ducts. This implies a better prognosis and the possibility of keeping your own teeth for a longer period of time.