Advanced implantology

Perfectly functional and cosmetically pleasing results, regardless of the patient’s bone quality and even in complicated cases. To perfect our implants we use the latest technology available.

Invisible orthodontics

Our orthodontic work is comfortable, transparent, removable and is suitable for adults and children.

Cosmetic dentistry

Specialists in innovative treatments and revolutionaries in cosmetic dentistry, we use E-MAX porcelain veneers, along with certified DSD software (Digital Smile Design).

Technology + time and care = satisfied L&B patients

High quality international suppliers

Our work philosophy

Slow Dentistry

We believe that working slowly allows us to achieve lasting results and offer each patient the time they need. We work without hurry but with the highest care, until the treatment can be considered perfectly finished.

Highly advanced technology

Digital radiology, CAD-CAM. Digital Smile Design, Invisalign, Guided Digital Implantology, Minimally Invasive Surgery. We perform precise and innovative treatments.

We take responsibility for the outcome of our treatment.

All treatments are covered by a long-term warranty that will be discussed with the patient right before starting each treatment.

Educated and certified doctors

The Lobato&Brinkmann dental clinic is unique in that all members of the team, both doctors and assistants, are constantly training in new techniques and technologies, applicable to our profession.